About Fengarion

Fengarion is the platform connecting donors directly with projects of non-profit organizations

Fengarion it is also the association based in Meyrin, Geneva, recognised by the Swiss authorities of having charitable purposes.
Fengarion helps donors to know where donations go, get feedback from projects and to feel to be involved.


Our objective is to support organizations committed to the promotion of the core values and fundamental rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We also want to promote responsible donating which means that donors follow up the progress of projects for which they donated. By doing this, we aim to increase the satisfaction of donors and increase society's interest in altruism.


Fengarion platform covers the following topics: Development, Environment, Health, Education, Humanitarian relief, Social Care, Human Rights and Culture. The organizations on Fengarion are non-governmental, apolitical, non-religious and non-profit making.


We have set up an interface between donors and specific programs managed by organizations. Donors directly donate for specific projects and get feedback from them. In addition donors get all donations summarized on their profiles and can choose their level of privacy. Fengarion platform allows better communication and transparency.

Core values

  • Ethics - We are committed to the highest ethical standards. This implies integrity, transparency and truth.
  • Respect for People - We believe all people are equal and valuable.
  • Impartiality - We are committed to no discrimination of any kind, including nationality, race, religious beliefs or political opinions.
  • Diversity - We see great value in the diversity of nationalities, cultures, languages, religious beliefs, races and opinions. So our activity aims to promote diversity.