What is Fengarion ?

Fengarion is an internet platform serving as the interface between donors and projects of non-profit organizations.

Fengarion is an original way of supporting projects of non-profit organizations which allows you to:

  • know where your donations go by selecting projects you want to support;
  • have donations and supported projects together on your Fengarion profile;
  • receive reports from projects and thus stay connected with them;
  • comment on projects;
  • feel to be involved.

What are the benefits of creating my donor profile on Fengarion ?

Fengarion allows you to have all projects you support and your donations in one place, to select the level of your privacy and decide if you want to have projects supported by you visible on the web. Your Fengarion profile allows you to be proactive and involved in the long term by giving you the possibility to directly select programs you want to support financially, to follow their progress by getting feedback (reports) provided by organizations and to comment on them. Such transparency and the possibility of selecting projects aim at increasing your satisfaction.

How can I make donations ?

It is very important to know that the money goes directly from you to the selected organizations according to their payment instructions. The money does not go through Fengarion and Fengarion does not take any commission on donations. Before making the donation you create your profile by signing up as the donor. After creating your profile you select the project you decide to support and you press the button "donate". You indicate the amount of the donation, you check the payment instructions and then you confirm your donation. When you press the confirmation button, an email is sent to you with payment instructions and also to the organization with upcoming donation notification. After making your donation directly to the organization the confirmation of your donation will appear on your profile.

When do supported projects appear on my profile ?

Projects will show up on your profile after organizations confirm that they received your donation. Till that time your donation is registered in the "Donations in process" section which is accessible only by you.

Can I cancel my confirmed donation ?

Yes, you can cancel it on the 'Donation in process' page which is in My Fengarion menu. When you cancel your donation, then an email is sent to organization with a notification of the cancellation.

What is the minimum donation I can give ?

There is no minimum set. But please keep in mind that depending on the payment method there are different transaction fees at banks. So, please give enough to ensure that project will get something.

Can I deduct my donation from taxes ?

If you are paying taxes in Switzerland, then the donation payed to the non-profit organization based in Switzerland and recognized to be of public utility, can be deducted from taxes. The annual minimum amount and involved deduction varies from canton to canton. The organizations to which you made donations should send you a certificate of donation.

For other countries, please contact your local tax authorities.

How can I know whether my donation will be used for the specific project I decided to support ?

This is the responsibility of the organizations beneficiaries of your donation. By registering on Fengarion and accepting the Terms of use, the non-profit organizations are committed to comply with this requirement.

Does my profile need to be visible on the web ?

No, you can chose to be an anonymous donor. Your name will appear only if you comment on a project. But neither your profile nor the projects supported by you will be visible. When signing up on Fengarion you chose one of the 3 following privacy options 1) private (totally anonymous) 2) semi-private (partially anonymous) and 3) public ( everything is visible on the web). If you select the partially anonymous profile, the amounts of your donation remain confidential but your profile and your supported projects are visible on the web.This may encourage some of your family members, friends and colleagues to become new donors.

How can I get a feedback from the projects supported by me ?

The organizations are reporting on the project implementation on the Fengarion project page. You can chose to receive an email alert for new reports. If you chose not to receive an email alert you may go to your profile and click on 'project ' to check if any new reports have been posted. You can also ask questions and post comments on the project page.

Can I delete my profile ?

Yes, you can delete your profile. Then your donations will remain as from an anonymous donor.

How is my personal data protected ?

Fengarion complies with the Law on data protection. Your personal data is used exclusively within the Fengarion project as indicated in the Terms of use. Your personal data will not be shared with any third party or used for commercial purposes.

What does Fengarion stand for ?

Fengarion comes from the Greek name of the moon (fengari). The moon has a dark and a bright side. This is the analogy with mankind. Fengarion project addresses the brighter side of mankind.

What is the legal form of Fengarion ?

Fengarion it is a non-profit organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, governed by the legal principles of Articles 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code.

How is Fengarion financed ?

Fengarion is financed by organization membership fees and private donations.