Name :FSD
Domain of activity :Humanitarian Relief
Region of activity :Multi Region
Total donations :1 044 CHF
Country :Switzerland
Web site :fsd.ch
Languages : English

FSD is an international organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland. This private, independent, and non-profit organisation was created in 1997. Since then, it has implemented a large number of technical projects in more than 18 different countries. FSD's focus is on locating and eliminating landmines, unexploded ordnance, chemical, toxic and ordinary waste in post-war scenarios, in order to prevent accidents and thus creating favourable conditions for the reconstruction and development of war-torn countries.


ProjectDomainCountryRegionDonations in CHF
There are no actives projects. Donations not possible for this organization

New projects

Most donations given for

Clearance of community wells

Clear community wells in the war torn north-eastern part of Sri Lanka to allow displaced people to return home