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Région d’activité :Africa
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Village Exchange Switzerland (VES) gives technical and financial support to its sister organization, Village Exchange Ghana (VEG), a local NGO operating in rural Ghana, which strives to empower most marginalized women by employing a holistic approach to poverty alleviation. VEG operates at the intersection of reproductive, sexual and maternal health, social entrepreneurship and economic opportunity to address the multiple facets of poverty and help women become powerful agents of change. 

The reproductive, sexual and maternal health project: Encouraging responsible reproductive, sexual and maternal health is important to promote the empowerment of women, improve gender relations, and ensure that women have equal educational and professional opportunities. VEG’s foremost research-based initiative led to the creation of the Lady Volta Resource Centre (LVRC). LVRC offers counselling and information on sexual, reproductive and maternal health issues to youth under 26 years old, and provides a range of in-centre and outreach programmes to promote behavioural change and responsible decision-making amongst youth regarding their sexual,reproductive and maternal health.

Social entrepreneurship: 

Lady Volta Centre

In opening the Lady Volta Centre, VEG hopes to improve the lives of women in poverty, particularly teenage mothers.  We provide an innovative combination of income-generating activities, training, and social services.  For example, VEG provides training to young women in beads making, dress making, fashion design and since 2016, in electricity and solar energy with the opening of the Lady Volta Vocational Centre in Electricity and Solar Power. The professional development classes are completed with training in literacy, numeracy, and business development, as well as life skills including early childhood nutrition, sexual health, family planning, and self-esteem.

When ready, the students take exams at the National Vocational Training Institute ( to get a State degree. 

The Beads and Batik project:With this operation, VEG acts as the entrepreneur, training apprentices and providing market research, product chain development, and infrastructure development of businesses to support young women. This project aims to fulfil the twin goals of fostering young women’s entrepreneurship and financial independence in a responsible and sustainable manner. Our main target group is teenage mothers.

The Lady Volta Vocational Centre in Electricity and Solar Power: In this Centre, run with the technical and financial support of NGO Social Venture Africa, young people, mainly women, are trained as electricians and solar power technicians. This project combines opportunities for social and professional integration of disadvantaged people, income generating activities and a positive environmental impact.

Our direct beneficiaries are young people, that lack the means to pursue an education through public or private institutions.

There is a short 6 months basic program for electricians and a full two years program for advanced electricians and solar technicians. During the first twelve months students acquire the electrical competences necessary to obtain the first level national certification as electrician, as well as a basic knowledge in solar energy and its main applications. In the following six months, students enter a specialization program in solar training. They learn how to manufacture and maintain solar mini-grid systems for households and how to install larger solar panels. Finally, the last six months are used to support and mentor students to assure a smooth transition between the educational program and their professional careers.

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A crèche for teenage mothers Education Ghana Africa 10

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A crèche for teenage mothers

par Village Exchange Switzerland Thu Aug 10 2017

Construction of a crèche to welcome the children of teenage mothers studying at the Lady Volta Centre

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A crèche for teenage mothers

Construction of a crèche to welcome the children of teenage mothers studying at the Lady Volta Centre