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Domaine du projet :Santé
Région du projet :Europe
Pays du projet :Greece
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Résumé du projet

  • The first key action of the program includes the provision of medical and pharmaceutical care to the elderly persons. Through the program, individuals over 65 years attending the Polyclinic of Perama receive geriatric medical treatment and pharmaceutical support in order to monitor their health in terms of physiological changes but also the various diseases they face. In addition, if necessary, there is a specific service of referral to other medical specialties within the structure of MdM.
  • The second key action of the program includes the provision of specialized psychological support and social counseling. The majority of the cases are patients facing issues that are related to the loss of their partners.
  • The elderly persons who benefit from the program belong to vulnerable groups and cannot cover their basic nutritional needs.

Budget et les sources de financement de ce projet

Nutritional coverage 

This project aims at supporting the nutritional needs of the elderly persons. Through this project, the beneficiaries receive, on a monthly basis, a food package which includes pasta, lentils, rice, olive oil and milk amongst others.


The cost of each parcel is 40 euro and contains quantity sufficient for the needs of 1 month. The number of beneficiaries is 70.


This service is provided in Perama, through the Open Polyclinic of the organization and in collaboration with the Social Services department.


We need your support for the purchase of the products contained in the food parcels.

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