Famine in Thanchi, Bangladesh

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Domaine du projet :Aide humanitaire
Région du projet :Asia and Pacific
Pays du projet :Bangladesh
Langues : English

Résumé du projet

CO-OPERAID asks you urgently to help. Together with our local partner organisation Humanitarian Foundation we want to start an emergency food campaign for the indigenous people in Thanchi, Bangladesh. CO-OPERAID already supports the hill tribes of Thanchi with an education project, also presented on Fengarion (see this link). Many of the supported families unfortunately are in a dangerous situation right now.

After a heavy monsoon in 2015 their fields were destroyed and the harvest was meagre. Since end of May 2016 all food sources ran dry. People in Thanchi district are starving. It is a severe local famine that endangers the health and even lives of children, mothers and families. Our campaign plans to deliver basic food items like rice, oil, salt and dal to about 320 families with 1600 persons in most affected villages. We want to secure nutrition for the next 3 months, until the coming harvest is expected.

There was a limited government food delivery that reached a part of the suffering families. But the government aid is not secured for all of the affected tribal people.

Please help with your donation and please share this call with your friends!

Thank you very much for supporting the indigenous people in Bangladesh!


Resources: Urgent call for donations 

Source regarding the famine: Local famine in Thanchi 

Project region: Thanchi, Bangladesh 

General background article: Chittagong Hill Tracts

Budget et les sources de financement de ce projet

With 100 CHF you support 1 family for 3 month

(150kg Rice, 6kg Peas/Dal/Pulse, 6 kg Salt, 3l Oil)

Our aim is to raise CHF 5'000 CHF with this online campaign for the most urgent food delivery.

Every donation is precious - Thank you very much!

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