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A crèche for teenage mothers

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Total des dons 10 CHF
Domaine du projet :Education
Région du projet :Africa
Pays du projet :Ghana
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What the project us about: Village Exchange Switzerland supports its sister organization, Village Exchange Ghana (VEG) who runs the Lady Volta Vocational Training Centre (LVTC), a school for disadvantaged youth who study in order to become certified electricians and solar power technicians. The school focuses on the training of women convinced that time has come for women to access technical professions in a region where they are mainly kept in traditional feminine roles. Welcoming a majority of women and a number of teenage mothers who had abandoned school because of their pregnancy and the lack of financial means to further their studies, VEG wants to build a crèche for the babies of these young women that will guarantee the security and the well-being of the babies and their mothers.    
Beneficiaries: Each school year, starting in 2018, the project will benefit about 10 teenage mothers part of the LVTC and 10-12 children each school year. Most of the young mothers who come to study at the LVTC live in remote communities too far to go back home every day and they stay with their babies at the VEG dorm. The crèche will give them the comfort and the freedom of thought of being close to their babies, continuing breastfeeding and studying in an environment where they know that their baby is spending the day in a safe, comfortable and well-kept environment.  
It is well known that the first years of live are crucial for child development. Even though VEG has hired a fully trained pre-school teacher, the lack of space doesn't allow her to exercise her skills and contribute effectively to the development of the children in her care. 
The problem to solve: Last school year, the six babies of the mothers who studied at the LVTC had to stay in a small room without a garden. There was no real place for children to play and develop as this room was shared with the VEG office. As the school is developing and more women come to study, there is a need for an appropriate crèche. 
VEG welcomes usually between 6 and 8 babies from age 2 months to 2 years during the school year. Some older siblings join the babies during school vacation.
The idea is to build a place big enough to accommodate comfortably 10-12 children.
Sustainability of the project: The crèche is free for VEG students. With a bigger, well equipped place, VEG could welcome not only the children of the teenage mothers who study at the LVTC but also a few children from the outside who would pay for the crèche and contribute to the salary of the teacher and the purchase of new toys.
The crèche building: The crèche will comprise two rooms: one where babies will sleep and one where they will play, and an outside playground. Rooms and playground will be covered by a roof whose dimensions will be around 30 ft. wide by 35 ft. long. The external walls of the crèche buildings will be made of bamboo. The inside walls, made of 2 layers of wood panels with phonic isolation in between, will be equipped with metal mesh and net to prevent mosquitoes and snakes from entering the building.
The sleeping room will be equipped with sleeping mats; the play room will be equipped with small tables and chairs, and low shelves along the walls where toys and games will be displayed. The floor will also be covered with floor mats.
The outdoors playground will be covered with grass, and outdoors toys, like a sandbox and balls, will be at the disposal of the children. The crèche will be fenced with a security door for guarantee the security of the babies. 

This crèche will be a real asset for Village Exchange and the children benefiting it. The trained nursery school teacher who works for VEG will have the conditions she needs to give the babies she is in charge of a safe and nurturing environment.

Budget et les sources de financement de ce projet

1 building material GHS 6870 CHF 1700
2 workmanship  2000 500
3 furniture & toys 800 200
  TOTAL        GHS 9670 2400



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