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Perama / Context

Humanitarian crisis threatens the Greek city of Perama - BBC report

Perama is a port city and a suburb of Piraeus and it is one of the poorest areas of Attica. The city is known for the existence of Greece’s biggest shipyard and the severe working accidents that happen in the zone every year. The overall population of the city is 25,720 people, the majority of whom work at the shipyard. The city faces extremely high levels of industrial pollution and exploitation and it is considered to be one of the most industrialized and environmentally degraded areas in Greece. The quality of life and economic development of the city is extremely low and the unemployment rates at 40% of the overall population. Moreover, trade – workers are in an especially tight spot in the crisis, since their insurance coverage is valid only as long as they pay contributions. Many of them, however, where forced out of business by the recession, and while still owing taxes, have no claim to social benefits. 

Open Polyclinic in Perama 

MdM Greece extended their actions with a new Polyclinic in the area of Perama, which started operating at the end of 2009. It is addressed to vulnerable populations of the wider area of Perama, aiming in the provision of medical care and psychosocial support. It runs daily from 9.00 am to 17.00 pm, with the support of over 40 volunteers. 

The Open Polyclinic in Perama is a program based on 3 parts including the Primary Health Care, where the medical personnel of the Polyclinic helps the patients during its opening hours, the Emergency Cases, which are based on a network of volunteers in all the hospitals of the country, which intervenes in cases of urgent access to the National Health Care System, getting over the bureaucratic obstacles and finally the Drugstore, which provides medicines to the patients.

The vast majority of the beneficiaries is Greeks (90%) dealing with extreme poor living conditions, close or even below poverty limits.  

The Polyclinic operates with 9 different doctor specializations and serves approximately 60 to 80 people per day.  

In addition to the department of General Medicine the Open Polyclinic in Perama operates also with the following departments:

 1. Department of General Medicine – Operating everyday from 09.00 to 17.00, with the voluntary work of more than 20 general physicians and specialized pathologists and approximately 10 volunteers with other specialties such as nurses and medical assistants.

 2. Pediatric Department - Operating everyday from 09.00 to 17.00, offering medical services to approximately 20 children every day. Recently, the department started a free-of-charge large-scale vaccination program offering 8 different types vaccines (300 in total) to the children who, due to the adverse economic conditions, have lost one of their fundamental rights: that of access to health and pharmaceutical care.

 3. Ultrasound Department – The ultrasound system reached the clinic in late 2011 and has become one of the most important facilities offered to the beneficiaries, as it allows the physicians to make more accurate diagnosis and prescribe proper treatments. This department also operates on a daily basis. 

 4. Ophthalmologic Department – The fully equipped department operates every week with the voluntary work of 5 ophthalmologists, offering services of diagnosis and treatment.

5. Gynecological Department – Operating three times per week, offering a wide scope of services addressed to women of all ages. These services include: gynecological control and follow up, breast cancer test and diagnosis, Test – Pap, ante and post – natal care and gynecological treatment if needed.

6. Psychological Department – The Department aims to correspond in the increasing need of psychological support of Greek citizens who face severe financial problems that affect their mental health. The Department works in close collaboration with the Psychological Department of Athens Open Polyclinic and it runs by 6 volunteers psychologists. 


  • 20€ cover the cost of consumables for the Gynecological and the Pediatric Department for one day. 


  • 40€ cover the cost of a fully nutritionally balanced food package for two people for one month.


  • 100€ cover the cost of the basic vaccines for one child. 

Budget et les sources de financement de ce projet

The Open Polyclinic in Perama runs with Doctors of the World Greece own funds, with private donations and in kind donations. 

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